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Coaching and Mentoring services both promote self-reliance, self-confidence, self-awareness and learning for individuals.
Person-to-person learning such as coaching and mentoring has been quoted as having the highest transfer of knowledge, making it an incredibly effective method of development.

Coaching ….

  • Has a set duration
  • More structured and regular
  • Coach doesn’t need to be in same profession
  • Focused on development areas
  • Focused on achieving goals

Mentoring …

  • Ongoing relationship; and a broader view
  • Can be informal; and meet as & when
  • Focus on career and personal development
  • Mentor provides support and guidance

A host of benefits exist for the client … and at the same time the coach/mentor often benefits as much from the relationship as the individuals they support, as does the clients organisation.


Both services of coaching and mentoring are forms of 1-on-1 relationships, complementary to training, with the purpose of facilitating personal development.

Coaching and mentoring both promote self reliance, self confidence, self awareness, and learning for individuals; and have been quoted as having the highest transfer of knowledge.

Just as it makes sense to hire a guide or tracker when you go on a safari, it too makes sense to hire someone to help you identify pitfalls and keep you on track in your business.

We all have different needs and wants, different communication styles, and different expectations. Group training gives one the fundamentals and even the tools. However, if people are to be at there best they need to personalise these fundamentals and tools.
Experience has shown that time spent with another individual, someone who can be trusted and respected, often creates the most comfortable and cost effective solution. This would be someone who can:

  1. Share skills, knowledge, and expertise
  2. Provide guidance and constructive feedback
  3. Be accessible, and has the time to help
  4. Demonstrate a positive attitude and act as a role model
  5. Take a personal interest in the coaching/mentoring relationship.

Benefits for the individuals, are limitless, and can include:

  • Greater self awareness of themselves and their capabilities
  • Greater self belief, along with the appropriate attitudes and behaviours
  • Greater confidence in dealing with challenges and otherwise difficult clients
  • Improved personal performance and income
  • Improved motivation and morale
  • Improved self learning and skills

Having a personal coach or mentor of course also allows one to have an non-threatening environment for discussion, dedicated encouragement, and specific help with transitioning from one career level to another.

Organisations have the spin-off benefit of improved performance through the individuals improvement, tangible evidence of the individuals commitment, improved overall skills levels, … and more.

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