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Things Your Coach Won’t Tell You

There are many things that coaches will tell you, like how much they believe in you, or maybe when you are lying to yourself. Here are some things you may never hear from your coach:

  1. They actually chose to work with you.
  2. They spend more time on you than you realize.
  3. They are open to change.
  4. They really care about you.
  5. They learn from you, too.
  6. They adjust their coaching style for you.
  7. They know the answer, but want you to discover it first.
  8. There’s a method to their madness.
  9. They don’t like doling out punishment.
  10. They see and hear everything.
  11. They spend a ton of time learning.
  12. They get tired.

Although you may only spend one or two hours a week with your coach, they spend dozens of hours preparing for your sessions and thinking about strategies. You want to be aware of these points and consider them the next time you are tempted to call them after midnight or send them a dozen emails in a row.

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